You notice it, out of the blue, a puddle of water just outside of the bathtub.

You don’t remember splashing water out during your shower. You’re always really good about turning the water on after you get in and keeping things dry on the outside of the shower.

And yet, there is a puddle of water at you feet as you step out. How did this happen?

Well, my friend, you have a bathtub or shower leak, and you need a plumbing expert to take a look.

Why Do You Need a Plumber?

I mean, really, why can’t I just fix it myself? A little caulking, a little elbow grease, and it’s fixed…right?

A little caulking and elbow grease might cover the problem, alleviate your concerns, but only for the moment. Striping the caulking and replacing it with fresh caulking will do no more than cover the root of the problem…

A professional plumber will find the root of the problem, and repair the source of the leak. Unfortunately, a leak might be causing extensive damage within the walls of your shower or bathtub without you even realizing it, and every time you patch up that leak with more caulking your compounding the negative effects of a plumbing leak.

What To Do DIY

  1. Determine the Leak: If you’re up for truly solving the problem on your own, the first course of action is to find exactly where the leak is coming from. Test to see if the problem occurs when the shower or tub is on. Let it run for a while until you see where the water is dripping out of.
  2. Another Test: If that doesn’t work, and you have the water running but still can’t determine the source of the leak, fill up the tub and wait. The leak can be cause by your drain not being properly sealed, or any number of other reasons. By filling up the tub you should have a better idea of what is causing the leak.
  3. Cutting a Hole: Here’s where calling in a plumber would be a great idea. If there is a leak within the plumbing below the tub or within the walls, you’ll need to carve out a whole in order to fix it. Rubber seals within the plumbing can deteriorate over time, and the fix might be as easy as replacing one of these seals…the difficult part is knowing where to cut the hole in your wall, how big to cut it, and how to seal it properly.

Trust me, you’ll want to call in a plumber on this one.