Maintaining the garbage disposal in your Chandler, AZ home is important to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and operates safely. By following a few maintenance steps you can avoid damaging your garbage disposal or creating costly plumbing problems that can cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Most garbage disposal models are quite sturdy, but they will break down without proper usage and maintenance.

How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Tip #1 – Always run water while using the garbage disposal

You should always run cold water when you are using the garbage disposal, and you should continue running the water for 30 seconds or so after everything has been grinded. The grinded food in your disposal still has to go further down the drain even after it has broken down, and the cold water will help it move along the way.


Tip #2 – Use ice to maintain your blades

You can use ice to maintain the blades of your garbage disposal and clean it. Simply drop a few handfuls of ice down the disposal and turn it on every now and then. The ice will help to remove debris from the blades and clean the hard to reach parts of the disposal that water can’t get to and it will simply melt as it is cleaning it.


Tip #3 – Freeze water and vinegar to remove odors

A 50/50 water and vinegar mix can be frozen in an ice tray and poured down your garbage disposal to remove odors. The vinegar neutralizes odors in your Chandler, AZ kitchen and safely cleans up your disposal. Another option is to put chopped up orange peels or lemon peels down the disposal, but keep in mind that some older garbage disposal models may not be able to handle these materials.


Tip #4 – Rinse it with warm water and soap

You should take a minute after heavily using your garbage disposal to rinse it with warm water and soap. This will keep your sink smelling nice and ensure that food and debris do not build up inside of it. Simply turn the water to warm every now and then after you have used your disposal, and drop a few droplets of dishwashing detergent down the drain.


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