As a Gilbert plumber, I know better than most how often your hot water heater can fail. And, even if it doesn’t fail, the water just doesn’t warm up as quickly as you’d like, or the hot water doesn’t last through every shower in the house…especially this time of year.

With that said, DIY hot water option likes this one pictured below just won’t do. In fact, they’re actually dangerous and against city codes.


As you can see, wrapping wire cord around your pipes is NOT the best idea for keeping the water running warm during a cold Arizona winter…

In the summer here in Gilbert, it seems like you can never have enough cool, refreshing, even cold water. When winter rolls around it’s the hot water that seems to disappear quickly. If you live in a home with more then a few people in your family, dishes in the running dishwasher and clothes in the running washer and dryer, you may find you’re hot water lacking.

If you are noticing that you are running out of hot water in your Gilbert, AZ home more often than you would like, you may have an issue with your water heater, but if you know that your water heater is working properly you may need to be following one of these water conservation methods.

Tip #1– Don’t use hot water for laundry

You may think that using hot water for your laundry is a good idea, but it is often not necessary and may be draining your hot water supply unnecessarily while adding to your energy bill. Try washing your clothing using warm water or even cold water. You will find that your laundry turns out just as fresh and clean with warm or cold water as hot water, and it will also often last longer because hot water can deteriorate fabrics.

Tip #2 Watch your shower time

It’s easy to spend 15 or more minutes in the shower, but this is one major drain for water in your home and can definitely end up taxing the water heater beyond its capacity. Try to be more conscious of how much time you are taking in the shower and set an alarm if needed, and the other residents in your Gilbert, AZ home will appreciate the fact that you’re saving the hot water for them.

Tip #3 Install new water conserving faucets

Water conservation is always a concern in Gilbert, Arizona, and as a result there are a wide range of different high quality water conserving faucets available that can not only help you save hot water, but can reduce your water bill dramatically as well.

Tip #4 Run the dishwasher on warm

Just like the laundry, you should try to run the dishwasher on warm instead of hot if you have the setting available, as this can reduce your hot water usage substantially. Rinse your dishes well before putting them in the dishwasher and hot water may not be necessary at all.

Tip #5 Install a newer water heater

If all else fails, you may have an issue with your water heater or it may just need an update to make it more efficient. Consider installing a new water heater for your Gilbert, AZ home if you’ve tried conserving hot water without luck, and a local plumber can usually make a good recommendation for your home based on your water usage.

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