Of all rooms in your Chandler, AZ home to have trouble with, the bathroom is the last one that you want to have turn into a mess. Between unpleasant issues you have to call a plumber for, mold problems, and general clutter, the bathroom is a prime candidate for potential disaster, though. You can, of course, take several precautionary steps to keep that bathroom fresh and clean.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh and Clean

Step #1: Make Sure Everything Has a Place

One of the biggest reasons that any room in the house gets messy is because items in the room don’t have a designated place that they belong. Have containers, jars, cups, baskets and whatever else you need on hand so that all of the many small items stored in the bathroom have a home. You can label those organizational spaces, too.


Step #2: Make Cleanliness Convenient

Once your bathroom is full of organizational bins and spaces, arrange them based more on what’s convenient than what you think looks good. You can always alter your storage bins to be more decorative if you’d like. Convincing yourself and your family to put the towels into the hamper is much harder, however, if the hamper is under the counter or in a closet. In sight, in mind, is a great rule to arrange by.


Step #3: Develop a Regular Cleaning Routine

Bathrooms definitely require maintenance to stay clean and fresh. One of the most consistently used room in the house and also a room exposed to a great deal of natural mess and dirt, the bathroom should really be cleaned daily.


Several cleaning guidelines are also wise to help prevent messes from becoming disasters. For instance, make it a rule that hair is collected from the drain after every shower so that the pipes are less likely to get clogged. Make cleaning convenient too –use a squeegee in the shower to keep the tub walls sanitary and shining.


Step #4: Have What You Need to Deal with Emergencies

Finally: be prepared for messes. They will come. Keep cleaning products (and backup rolls of toilet paper and towels!) right in your Chandler, AZ bathroom. Have a plunger and know how to turn the water off if needed. Place the number for a plumber in the bathroom, too.