A clogged drain in your Gilbert, AZ home can be a major hassle but with a few basic drain cleaning steps you get everything back up and running again. The next time you get a clogged drain, try these drain cleaning techniques before calling a plumber in Gilbert.blog_cleaning a clogged drain


First try a plunger

A plunger is the fastest drain cleaning method and should be your first option whenever you have a clogged drain. Plungers can free up a blockage as long as it is not a long distance from the main drain. To use a plunger, first block any overflow holes using a wet rag. If there is no water in the sink basin, add about two inches of water which will help with pushing the blockage.


Place the plunger over the drain so that there is a tight seal, and force the handle of the plunger down several times. If the water starts slowly draining after several attempts then this drain cleaning method is working and you should continue. If it doesn’t work after several attempts you should move onto another drain cleaning technique.


Try cleaning the sink trap

Your sink trap is another main source of clogs in your Gilbert, AZ home, and there is a basic drain cleaning technique you can try in order to clear it. Put a bucket underneath your sink piping in order to catch waste drain water.


If your sink trap has a hexagonal drain cleaning plug you can remove the plug and use a brush or a coat hanger to remove debris from the trap. If there is no drain cleaning plug you can still remove the trap with padded pliers (to avoid damage to your piping). If you do remove the trap entirely, use a hanger to remove debris and wash it out with hot water and soap before reinstalling it.


Try a sewer snake

If you’ve tried both of the above drain cleaning methods without luck, the chances are that the clog is further down in the drain. In this case you should use a sewer snake as a last resort for drain cleaning. This is also known as a plumber’s auger and you can purchase a small one for your Gilbert, AZ home to use in situations like these.


To use a sewer snake, insert it into the sink and push it until you reach the obstruction. Once you feel you have hit the clog, hook it by twisting the handle. Once the clog is hooked, push the clog back and forth until it is freed, and flush the drain with cold water.