A plumbing leak can be a major hassle, but modern leak detection technology in Mesa, AZ can have a leak detected and fixed quickly. It can be very difficult to find a leak on your own since leaks can occur throughout a pipe and may not be in an easy-to-access location. Plumbing technology has advanced to the point where leaks can be detected using advanced infrared detection systems or by using a pressurized gas such as hydrogen or helium. Our plumbers have advanced leak detection equipment that can pinpoint the exact source of a leak in a matter of minutes.


Infrared leak detection equipment finds leaks with thermal imaging

Your plumber in Mesa, AZ may use infrared leak detection equipment which can find a leak using thermal imaging. Infrared leak detection equipment shows moisture as a different color compared to dry areas of your pipes, which allows your plumber to spot an otherwise hard to see leak. The equipment can also be used to screen your home in Mesa for water damage that may not be easily visible. For instance, you may have water damage or mildew underneath your tiles, and the tools can be used to spot this damage even if it is not clearly visible.


Modern leak detection tools are not as expensive as they used to be

The cost for your plumber to use modern leak detection tools to fix your plumbing issue is much lower now than it has been in recent years. Back when infrared leak detection equipment first came out, the cost was very high. The technology for these tools has progressed enough so that the cost for this equipment, and therefore your plumbing repair, is now lower than it ever has been in Mesa, AZ. Leaks are also spotted faster than ever before with the latest tools, which saves your plumber time and saves you money.


Modern leak detection equipment can avoid damage to your Mesa, AZ home

Leak detection technology has advanced so that your home does not need to be unnecessarily damaged to find a leak. In the past, your walls may have been torn down or parts of your drywall may have been sawed through in order to visually inspect for a leak. Leaks can even be detected underneath concrete or other building materials.

Modern leak detection equipment will find the source of the leak and avoid as much downtime as possible. If you are in need of a plumbing repair in Mesa, AZ due to a leak or a suspected leak, ask your plumber what type of equipment they use and if they have any modern leak detection tools available that may be able to speed the job up and avoid damage to your home.

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