With a wide range of modern plumbing repair tools available, your Mesa AZ plumber has many options available for leak repair if you have a plumbing leak in your home. Leak repair is now more efficient and faster than it ever has been with new technology such as infrared moisture detectors, plumbing cameras, gas detection equipment, and many other tools. Your Mesa, AZ plumber will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the types of leak repair tools that they use on a regular basis, but the repair process for most leaks is fairly standard.


Your Mesa, AZ Plumber Will First Find the Source of the Leak 

Often the most difficult part of the leak repair process is to find the source of the leak. Your Mesa, AZ plumber will use the latest equipment to find the exact source of the plumbing leak using their preferred leak detection tools. Infrared leak detectors can find the source of the leak using moisture sensors that can show water leakage, even through dense materials. There are other modern options available as well, and your Mesa, AZ plumber will generally use the tool that will save the most time with the leak repair process.


Once the Leak has Been Found, Our Plumbers Will Make the Repair with Precision

The leak repair process can be simple or complicated depending on how many leaks you have and their location in your home. If it is a small leak in just one location, the section of piping will usually be replaced by one of our C. Slany Plumbing experts. If there are several leaks, the leak repair job may be more complicated and it may take more than one day for the repair. Either way, your plumber should let you know what the situation is upfront after the initial leak has been diagnosed.


C. Slany Leak Repair

With a wide variety of modern plumbing tools that save time, the leak repair process is now faster than it has ever been. If you suspect that you have a leak, don’t wait until serious water damage happens. Call us today to have your plumbing inspected for a leak. The longer you wait, the more money you will have to pay on water damage repair expenses. The money you pay for leak repair is a small price to pay in comparison to replacing your furniture, drywall or flooring, and most leaks can be fixed in just one day.

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