If you own a business in Gilbert, AZ, the smallest of leaks can end up being very costly to you. Commercial plumbing leak detection tools can be highly beneficial to catching a leak as soon as it starts happening and managing water damage. Water damage to your facility can quickly become very costly. If you suspect that you have a leak you should be sure to call a commercial plumbing company with the proper leak detection equipment to find the leak and take care of it.

commercial leak detection

Commercial plumbers have quality leak detection tools

There are a wide range of different leak detection tools that your commercial plumber can use to find the source of the leak. A popular leak detection tool is infrared leak detection. Infrared leak detection can detect the origin of water leaks no matter where they are located in the roof, walls or floor. The technology can also find blockages in your plumbing system and be used to find electrical fire hazards. Some of the common locations for leaks include fixtures, outdoor faucets, water heaters, boilers and other equipment, but no matter where the leak is located, infrared leak detection equipment can pinpoint it.


Leak detection equipment can find sewer line and underground leaks

When you have underground leaks in your Gilbert, AZ business you may be concerned about the difficultly to find them and access them. Leak detection equipment can be used to find any type of underground leak without needing to dig at all. It can find leaks located within any type of metallic or non-metallic pipe. Your plumbing company can use a transmitter that sends audio or video back, and this transmitter can be used to find the specific source of the leak very quickly, or obstructions.


Call a commercial plumber when you have a leak

If you suspect that you have a leak, be sure to call a commercial plumber who will have the right equipment to find the source without wasting much time. Every minute can add up with more and more water damage to your business, so be sure to call as soon as you think you have a leak.