Plumbers have the difficult task of having to plan out plumbing routes for a home, and if you are starting a new improvement project for your home in Mesa, AZ, you might find that planning out the plumbing is a complicated task. There are a few strategies that plumbers use to plan out their plumbing routes and it helps to know these strategies so that your project goes as smoothly as possible. Keep in mind that planning plumbing routes is at the very least intermediate plumbing, so you should have strong familiarity with plumbing installations and home construction if you plan on doing it yourself.

First the plumber checks code restrictions and check the intake mappingblog_image_plumbing pipes

One of the first steps for planning a plumbing route that your local Mesa, AZ plumber will do is check the intake mapping of the various areas of the home and also checking for code restrictions that may be an issue in the future. Building code restrictions for Mesa are unique, and any new plumbing projects or home improvements must abide by the local and state building codes. The intake mapping shows the layout for how fresh water gets delivered throughout the home and how waste water is removed.

The next step is to plan out how to connect the fixture(s)

The next step for running pipes is to plan out how to connect the fixture or fixtures above or below existing fixtures for the water drain and supply. A branch drain is one method of doing this, and this involves installing the fixtures so that they occupy the same drain route. This is usually the most cost effective method of installing new fixtures, however your plumber must ensure that any new branch drains are in lieu with Mesa building codes.

The most efficient route is always used

A professional plumber in Mesa will always use the most efficient method to install the new plumbing fixture. There can often be multiple ways to connect new fixtures, but tying an existing fixture such as a tub or a toilet into the branch drain can often save on installation costs and construction time. Sometimes a planned addition can be too far from existing plumbing and more extensive modifications may need to be made just as a new vent stack installation, but in most cases your Mesa plumber will do their best to avoid this.