If you have lived in Arizona for any length of time you know what hard water it’s.

Hard water is that drip you hear in the middle of the night.

Hard water is that disgusting growth on your bathroom faucet.

Hard water is that spot in your dishwasher that continues to look more and more like a small monster.

Here in Gilbert, if you do not have a soft water system installed in your home, you are going to deal with a lot of lime scale and build up on all of your appliances, and all of your fixtures.

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That build up in your Gilbert home on all of your fixtures and within your appliances is a horrible sign that there is far more build up within your home and the plumbing system.

Unfortunately comma hard-water buildup that you see on the outside of your faucets is an indicator that the inside of that faucet, and the inside of your plumbing pipes in your Gilbert home, are full of build up just like what you see on your faucet.

How do you know there is hard water build up within your Gilbert plumbing system?

Well, if there is visible buildup on the outside of any fixture, there is going to be build up on the inside of those fixtures fixtures and all the pipes that lead to those fixtures.

If you have experienced a loss of water pressure in your home over the past few months, this can be caused by buildup that is slowly overtaking your pipes.

Unfortunately, this can be incredibly difficult to notice because the loss of water pressure happens very slowly, so slowly that if you’re not paying close attention you might not even notice that the water in your Gilbert home has started to come out slower and slower.

The worst part about hard water and limescale build up is that if you don’t realize it’s happening, and if it is allowed to build up within the pipes, it will harden and become nearly impossible to remove without removing the entire plumbing pipe.

This essentially means that if you have limescale build up within your plumbing system in your Gilbert home, and you don’t realize it because you have not had a Gilbert plumber come out to audit your plumbing system in quite a while, that landscape will get extremely hard with in the past.

The only solution to remove the limescale is to remove the pipe, which could cost quite a great deal of money and could require some demo to your Gilbert home.

So let’s talk about some of the benefits of having a water softener in your Gilbert home.

Having a soft water system in your Gilbert home is not only great for your plumbing system, fixtures and appliances, but it’s also great for you and your family.

What I mean is that soft water actually leads to softer skin, cleaner clothes in the wash, cleaner dishes in the dishwasher, and cleaner children running around your house.

Soft water actually reduces the amount of soap that you need to use in the dishwasher, washing machine, and throughout the house when you were cleaning.

Oh and less amount of soap in the shower when you are watching those crazy little monsters (aka: kids).

Soft water actually preserves and increases the life of all your appliances, including coffee machines, ice makers and your water heater.

Soft water also saves you money on monthly energy costs and damages to appliances that hard water can create.

Now, I’m not just saying this so that I can come into your home as your friendly Gilbert plumber and install a soft water system and charge you a fortune.

If you factor the cost of a soft water system into the overall cost that hard water is placing on your home, fixtures, appliances, and Plumbing, there is absolutely no comparison and cost.

So feel free to give C. Slany Plumbing a call and I will personally come out to your home to audit your Gilbert home plumbing system, check out what kind of damage hard water is doing to your home, and we can talk about a water softening system.


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