The majority of the homes in the United States have hard water which can be a major problem in the home.  Hard water can result in mineral and calcium deposits that can build up inside of pipes and clog them. If you notice that your home’s water flow is reduced, and you think you might have hard water, you should call a Phoenix Plumber for an inspection. Hard water contains dissolved magnesium and calcium that can create permanent clogs which cannot be resolved with drain cleaner and will require a visit from a Phoenix Plumber to fix.


Hard Water and Pipesblog_hard water in arizona

There are some types of pipes that are more susceptible to hard water damage, and a water softener installed by a Phoenix Plumber can reduce the chance of hard water damaging plumbing regardless of the type of pipes in a home. Iron pipes often build up with deposits so much that the water flow is greatly reduced or completely blocked. A Phoenix Plumber can determine the cause of the water blockage and replace the pipes with more resilient pipes if necessary.


Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water can cause many other problems in a home including leaving residue on dishes and windows and almost everything else after drying, scale buildup in bathtubs and showers, water heater and appliance scale buildup, and more. Hard water is proven to dramatically reduce the life of a water heater which may require hiring a Phoenix Plumber to replace. Scale in a water heater also results in energy wastage, as the scale has to be heated up in order for the water to be heated. The buildup on plumbing fixtures can also result in costly replacements by a Phoenix Plumber.


Water Softeners

For homes with a high level of hard water, there can be a great benefit to hiring a Phoenix Plumber to install a water softener. A Phoenix Plumber can determine what type of system that a home may benefit from if hard water is a problem in plumbing and install the system. If a home has hard water that has resulted in a pipe needing to be replaced it can almost always certainly benefit from a water softener.  Having a local Phoenix Plumber install a water softener is the sure way to avoid the numerous problems that hard water can bring on a home.


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