Fixing an underground plumbing leak normally requires the help of a Gilbert plumber due to the great difficulty of repairing the leak and finding the leak. In Arizona cities like Gilbert, the city requires that a homeowner repair underground piping on the house side of the water meter. A Gilbert plumber will have the sophisticated equipment required to source the underground leak and repair it.


A leak in underground plumbing can be caused by many different things including freezing, rusting of metal pipes, electric currents, heavy equipment driving over the piping, and many other factors. Although an underground leak cannot usually be repaired without a Gilbert plumber or local contractor, there are some signs of an underground plumbing leak that a homeowner can look out for. Here are a few of the signs:


  • Sinkholes in the ground

  • Water pooling above the ground without explanation

  • Wet spots accumulating for no reason

  • Reduced water pressure in the home

  • Dirt or rust in the water supply

  • An unexplained increase in the water bill

  • Floor grade alterations or unexplained leaning in a structure


If you notice any of the above, you should call a Gilbert plumber to inspect your pipes and find out whether or not you have an underground leak or leak in your home. Repairing the leak will require digging at the source of the leak, and replacing the broken piping that is causing the leak.


Acoustic leak detection equipment would be used by a Gilbert plumber to find the exact source of the leak. You should not dig by yourself without first calling your utility companies to let you know where electric power lines, gas pipelines, communication lines or other lines are located in your yard.


An underground plumbing leak should be fixed as quickly as possible by a Gilbert plumber so that water is not wasted and damage to a yard or home is minimal. A Gilbert plumber and the city can be called to determine whether it is the homeowner’s responsibility to fix or not. If it is the homeowner’s responsibility, a Gilbert plumber can be hired to quickly fix the issue.


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