Along most homes in Arizona drain their sewage through sewer systems, there are some homes that have septic systems, also known as septic tanks, which are particularly common in rural areas. A septic tank is a large tank built from concrete or steel that is used to store and transport sewage and is buried outside of the home.

A septic system is usually installed by a Gilbert plumber or a construction company with a plumbing expertise.  Waste water flows into the tank on one end and a sludge layer forms on the bottom of the tank of heavy solids while a scum layer forms on the top. The scum layer is composed of grease and other solids while the sludge layer is broken down by bacteria. The waste water is sent to an absorption field where it is released into the soil and biologically treated.


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Call a Gilbert plumber every two to three years to pump your septic tank

There are some regular steps that a septic system owner will need to perform in order to keep it working properly and reduce the chance that a Gilbert plumber will need to be called repair. The most important thing is that the tank will need to be pumped out every two to three years by a Gilbert plumber that is licensed in septic waste transportation. Septic tank owners will need to keep a log of repairs that they or a Gilbert plumber makes that can be referred to in future repairs. Heavy vehicles should not be parked on top of septic systems, and the Gilbert plumber or other company that installed the system should have given the homeowner a map of the location of the system in the yard.


Ask a Gilbert plumber about your septic system if you have questions

Another main consideration for a septic system is that it is a biologically treated system that can easily be disrupted by strong chemicals. Chemicals such as bleach, disinfectants, drain cleaners and other strong chemicals can destroy the bacteria in the system and disrupt the operation. A Gilbert plumber can give you more information about your septic tank and let you know what you can and cannot flush down your drains. Call your Gilbert plumber if you have problems with your septic system as well, as septic tank issues can cause damage to your home.


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