Yes, believe it or not your garbage disposal can leak, but don’t worry too much it can be a simple fix and up and running again, leak free, in no time. There are a few reasons why a garbage disposal can leak. The only thing difficult about a leaky garbage disposal, is figuring out where the leak or leaks are actually coming from. There are hoses that are inlet and outlet hoses,a flange, and other connections that can start leaking, as well as several seals.

You can start by checking the flange that is at the uppermost part of the disposal, where the sink and the disposal come together. There are three bolts that hold the garbage disposal up to the sink. If the bolts are not tightened all the way, it can cause the disposal to leak, so if they are lose, go ahead and tighten them. Another reason there could be a leak could be due to the plumber’s putty being old. If it looks like you may need some new/more plumber’s putty, loosen the three bolts and place some putty between the flange and the pipe and then securely tighten the three bolts.

If your garbage disposal has a hose that attaches to your dishwasher, you can have a possible leak because the clamp on the hose might not be tight enough on the hose. Simple take and check the clamp and make sure that it is not worn, if not, go ahead and retighten the clamp on the hose or replace the clamp if a new one by simply removing the hose, placing a new clamp over the hose, put the hose back in place, and then tightening the clamp. If the clamp seems to be fine and not lose, the hose itself could probably be cracked around the clamp due to being over tightened, so you may have to replace the old hose with a new one.

You can keep your garbage disposal from leaking by checking it frequently to make that everything is tight and all hoses are in good working condition and seals are all sealed properly.