You might give your local Gilbert plumber a call when the toilet starts running, or when the faucet continues to drip. But what about when your entire kitchen needs an upgrade? Or when you stare at your bathroom and realize it’s no longer “trendy” to have that style anymore?

Well, here at C. Slany Plumbing, we do more than just replace a faucet here and install a soft water system there…

We actually do full bathroom and kitchen remodels! With over 25 years in custom home building, we know a thing or two about remodels for your kitchen or bathroom.

Take this kitchen, for example. This Gilbert home is in full remodel right now, with three bathrooms and one beautiful kitchen upgrade.

You’re probably thinking, “I didn’t know our Gilbert plumber did kitchen and bathroom remodels.” Well, with our extensive background in custom home building, kitchen and bathroom remodels are our specialty.

Don’t let the “plumbing” title fool you. Our guys are precision remodel experts who understand current kitchen and bathroom trends, as well as the hottest appliances and most efficient plumbing systems.

Are you ready for your remodel?