A plumbing leak can result in costly damage to a home’s structure, along with a higher water bill. Although a Gilbert plumber should be called in most cases where a leak is suspected, there are some things you can do beforehand to try to determine the location of a suspected leak.


Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks often occur at the flange or wax ring: the area where the toilet meets the waste pipe. Flange leaks can result in costly water damage and should be fixed as quickly as possible with the help of a Gilbert plumber. Leaks can also occur at the water supply and tank. To find these leaks, open the top of the tank and listen for any hissing. If you hear hissing there might be a leak in the tank. You can try to fix it yourself or hire a Gilbert plumber to inspect it and fix the leak at the tank.


Sink Leaks

Sink leaks can happen at any joint and are another common source of leaks in the home. They typically occur at the sink rim, supply line, and the slip joints. Signs of sink leaks include water damage to the ceiling below the sink, water stains in the cabinet, a loose faucet, or other signs of water damage and leaking. To find leaks in the sink rim you can dribble water around the faucet area and then look for water leaking underneath the sink with a flashlight. Sink rim leaks can be fixed by recaulking the rim, but leaks in the piping underneath the sink usually require a visit from a Gilbert plumber.


Other Leaks

A Gilbert plumber can inspect a home for leaks outside of easily accessible areas, as this may require specialized tools that only a Gilbert plumber would have. Hiring a Gilbert plumber to find a suspected leak might be worth it to save yourself time, as the process of finding a leak can be time consuming. With the expensive damage that water can do to your home, you should try to find and repair any water leaks in your home as quickly as possible by yourself or with the help of a Gilbert plumber.