We know a thing or two about water heaters…

…seriously, we replace more than one per week. In fact, of all the plumbing services we maintain, even the kitchen and bathroom upgrades and remodeling, the leaky faucets and the soft water systems, it’s the water heaters that tend to cause Gilbert home owners the most stress.

And so, as it goes, we’ve written a blog or two, or many, many more, about water heaters: hot to maintain them, when to call the plumber, when to DIY the problem, and when to buy a new one.


Blog #1 – What to Expect with Water Heater Maintenance

A piece of equipment taken for granted in many Chandler, AZ homes, water heaters are essential for many everyday activities. Whether you are washing dishes, taking a shower, or just cleaning up, you need hot water for several purposes. Your water heater makes hot water readily available to you.



Blog #2 – When Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

Deciding between repairing or replacing the water heater in your Gilbert, Arizona home can be a bit of a tough dilemma. On one hand, if you decide to repair it, you probably won’t be spending as much money as you would on a new replacement. On the other hand, replacing your water heater can solve the problems that you’ve been having once and for all. As an extra benefit, a newer model will very likely be more efficient, and this will cut your energy costs down. If you are still on the fence, consider some of these tips which can help you decide between repairing or replacing:



Blog #3 – Tips for Selecting a Water Heater

Having hot water in your Gilbert, AZ home is essential. Used for bathing, cleaning, washing dishes, and more, hot water is an important resource to have on hand. Water heaters provide that resource. So, if you are in need of a new water heater, it’s vital that you make a wise purchasing decision.

Use these strategies as you select a new water heater: