Keep your plumbing running smooth with these easy DIY fixes, anyone can do. Unclogging drains, traps, and toilets, can help keep everything running properly and save on costly plumbing repairs. Our Gilbert plumber shares some easy plumbing fixes that any homeowner can do.

1. The first DIY fix is, unblocking the taps in your home. Usually homeowners will go straight for the drain cleaner or snake to unblock the traps. However, in order to completely unblock the traps, the sink will actually need to be taken apart. This sounds scary, but is very simple. You will want to begin by simply taking apart the sink trap. You may want to place a bowl or pot underneath the trap in order to collect any water that may leak. From here, you can then clear out the trap of all the nasty debris, and the clean the trap itself. Once that is all done, you can simply place the trap back and you are good to go. It is not a bad idea to go ahead and replace any washers if at all possible, this will help prevent any future leaks that may occur.

2. Another easy DIY fix is unclogging the drain. When it comes to most clogged drains, it is usually not a clog in the pipes themselves, but a clog around the pop-up of the drain. You will want to begin by removing the spring tab from the drain adjustment arm. Next, remove the ball valve from the sink trap. Now, you can simply pull the pop-up out and remove all the debris that is clogging your drain. Once the debris is removed, clean the pop-up and simple replace by placing the ball valve back, then placing the spring tab back onto the adjustment arm.

3. If when you flush your toilet, you notice that the water rises to the top of the bowl and then slowly drains, you more than likely have a clogged trap or drain. You can easily complete this toilet repair by using a plunger or a snake to unclog.