Is your faucet in the kitchen or bathroom leaking? If so, do not ignore those drips because they can make your Phoenix water bill add up quickly. Here are a few DIY tips on how you can fix a leaky faucet.


Repair a Leaky Faucet

In order to repair that leaky faucet you will want to shut off the water supply and remove the faucet handle. Next, you will want to remove the handle and faucet assembly in order to get to the washer and remove it. Typically the washer is the cause of a leaky faucet, so you will want to replace the old washer with a new exact matching washer. Once the washer is replaced, you can start reassembling the faucet by placing everything back in the order that it was taken off. After everything has been reassembled, go ahead and turn the water supply back on and just like every great Phoenix plumber, you will want to turn the faucet on and check your work and make sure you are leak free.


Faucet Valve Seat

If your faucet still leaks after you replaced the washer, there may be something wrong with the faucet valve seat. The metal stem might have grinded against the seat due to the old worn washer, making it uneven. For this DIY, a Phoenix plumber will recommend a seat wrench, which you will insert into the seat and turn clockwise. Once the old seat is removed you will want to replace it with an exact duplicate.


Replacing the Faucet Packing

If after you replace the faucet valve seat and your faucet still leaks when it is turned off, as well as leaks from around the handle when turned on, you make need to replace the faucet packing. You will want to check and make sure that the faucet’s packing nut is tight. You will then continue by replacing the old packing with new packing and completing the job by smearing a light coat of petroleum jelly on the threads of the stem and the threads of the packing nut.


If you are not one who is handy or knows a lot about plumbing and DIY fixes, you can always call a Phoenix plumber who will be able to repair your leak faucet in no time at all.