Following a few best practices for maintaining your garbage disposal can help you avoid having to hire a Gilbert plumber to fix your mistake. Many homes throw anything and everything in the garbage disposal which not only can ruin the disposal but also harm the environment.

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DO try to only use the garbage disposal as needed. By using it only as needed you will reduce the chance that it will break down, requiring a Gilbert plumber to fix it or install a new one. Garbage disposals are really meant for small amounts of residual food left on plates after they are scraped in the trash and rinsed. Large quantities of food should be discarded in the garbage or composted. Non-hazardous liquid materials can be safely disposed of in a garbage disposal as well.


DON’T use your garbage disposal to dispose of fats, grease, and oil. These can clog sewer pipes or your home’s pipes and require a visit from a Gilbert plumber. You should also never use your garbage disposal to dispose of hazardous materials and chemicals, paint, or other toxic materials. Fibrous materials such as corn cobs, egg shells, and bones should be discarded in the trash to avoid plugging up the disposal.


DO keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh with the use of citrus peels. Lemon and orange peels can be put in the garbage disposal to reduce bad odors. Rock salt and ice can also be put into a disposal to clear out sludge, with two cups of ice and one cup of rock salt being put in for approximately ten seconds. If this does not work, a Gilbert plumber can try techniques to remove the odor from the disposal.


DON’T service your garbage disposal without the help of a Gilbert plumber unless you are familiar with plumbing and its machinery. It is normally better to call a Gilbert plumber for help with your garbage disposal. Items that get stuck in a disposal can be removed with tongs, however your hands should never be used to remove items. A Gilbert plumber can remove items that you are unable to remove safely.


When in doubt about what to do or not to do with your garbage disposal, call a local Gilbert plumber for advice or assistance as needed. It is better to call a Gilbert plumber than risk damaging your garbage disposal or injuring yourself.