As a homeowner, there are a lot of details that you gladly overlooked when living in an apartment. The toilet, the sink, the pipes under the sink, the garbage disposal, the drains – when broken they were just a phone call away from being fixed by the apartment manager. It wasn’t your problem. But now, as a Gilbert homeowner, everything falls back to you, and you better know how to deal with it. So, here are my top three DIY plumbing tips for the first-time homeowner.


  1. Bathroom Sinks

Many times a bathroom sink leak will go undetected for quite a while, until you actually need something back under that sink and you notice water satins or perhaps a mildew smell. As a seasoned plumber, let me tell you that if you don’t find that leak until it smells like mildew, it’s going to cost you far more to fix it then if you found that leak right away.blog_bathroom leaks plumbing


With that said, detecting an under-sink leak is not all that difficult. Simply grab a flashlight, fill the sink up with water, and let that large slug of water drain all at once. With so much water streaming through those plumbing pipes under the sink, if there’s a leak you’ll find it.


The most common locations for a leak under the bathroom sink is at the drain stopper, which can be easily fixed by just tightening the nut. If the bathroom sink drain is working extremely slow, you know you have a clog. Grab some drain cleaner from the hardware store or use a wire coat hanger to dig out the clog, which is usually just hair.


  1. Toilets

A plumbers most often plumbing call is for toilets. So many homeowners in Gilbert, and around the valley, just don’t understand how a toilet works. It’s a bunch of levers and it’s confusing. But a toilet leak can mean big trouble.


To detect a toilet leak, simply stand over the toilet and flush it two or three times in a row. At the same time, check behind the toilet, around the sides of the toilet, and in the front for water leaks.


If you see water stains, smell mildew, or notice a brownish tinge to the caulking or tile around the toilet, you most likely have a leak. In many cases, the leak can be repaired with some new caulking, but to be sure there isn’t something more going on give C. Slany Plumbing a call.


  1. Showers/Tub

The tub and the shower can cause some of the most water damage in your Gilbert home without your even knowing it. Many times, leaks from your tub or shower go completely undetected until the surrounding walls begin to show water damage signs. In an apartment setting, a plumbing leak around the tub will show water damage on the roof of the apartment below you, and so it is usually found and repaired quicker. However, in a home with just one story, there is no way that you’d know your tub was leaking until the wall behind it and around it becomes water stained.


Fill your tub up with water and let it sit. Notice any droplets or streams coming from around the tub. Place your ear to the wall and listen for any dripping sounds. Notice if the tile and grout around the tub are water stained or tinged brown. Unfortunately, any leak from the drain or tub faucet will be hard to detect without the proper tools.


If you suspect a plumbing leak around your tub or shower, call in an expert Gilbert plumber from C. Slany Plumbing. With the right leak detection tools, we can tell if indeed you have a plumbing leak around that tub, and get it fixed before it causes major water damage.