There happen to be several difference between residential and commercial plumbing fixtures, and if you are considering installing plumbing fixtures for your Chandler, AZ business it can be helpful to know these differences. A fixture is any device that is permanently connected to your fresh water system, and some examples include toilets, sinks, water fountains, urinals, showers, and eye wash stations. Residential fixtures are used for homes and are not normally designed to be as durable as commercial fixtures. There are also important features that commercial plumbing fixtures have such as water conservation features and safety features.

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Commercial plumbing fixtures should be water saving

One important difference between commercial and residential plumbing fixtures is the water conservation features that commercial plumbing fixtures often have. The purpose of these features is to save as much water as possible and thus lower the water bill for the business. This is particularly important for companies that get a lot of foot traffic, and the savings can end up being quite substantial throughout an entire year. There are toilets that use less water per flush, and there are also automated faucets that shut water off and on based on a motion sensor.


Commercial plumbing fixtures are more durable

The majority of the time, commercial plumbing fixtures are designed to be more durable than residential fixtures. This is important so that they can withstand heavy use without being damaged or breaking down. You don’t want to have to replace your commercial plumbing fixtures very often, so the improved durability is definitely important. Some examples include PVD coatings or chrome finishes which improve the durability and the water resistance of the fixture to make them scratch proof and tarnish proof. The higher quality materials will also maintain their look throughout months and years of use.


Automated features can make commercial plumbing fixtures better

Automated features like automatic hand dryers, toilets and faucets can be great options to have in your commercial building. It helps to prevent water from being wasted, and makes the bathroom more functional. If you have a commercial building in Chandler, AZ consider installing some of these automatic fixtures to improve your restrooms and other facilities.