Your washer and dryer hookups can have a surprising impact on your home’s energy costs, and gas hookups can actually save you a substantial amount of money compared to electric hookups. You should first check to see if your Chandler, AZ home has gas dryer hookups, and if does you can install a gas dryer and save up to 50 percent or more on energy costs. Gas dryers require specialized plumbing skills to install, so you will need to call a local plumber to handle the installation for safety purposes.

You can call a plumbing company in Chandler to install gas hookupsblog_washer and dryer hookups

If you don’t have the proper hookups in your home to install a gas dryer, you can always call a plumbing company in Chandler, AZ to install them. The amount of time that it takes to install energy efficient gas hookups will vary from one home to another, as the job can be complicated depending on the electrical and plumbing configuration of the home. A plumbing company can give you a quote and help you determine the amount of money that you can save with a gas dryer compared to an electric dryer.

If you have an electric dryer hookup, look for an Energy Star approved dryer

If you don’t have the option of using a gas dryer because of the lack of gas hookups in your home, you can always install an EnergyStar electric dryer which can save you money on your energy costs. Again, you may need to call a plumbing company for help with the installation, especially if you are installing an EnergyStar washer with the dryer, but the plumbing company may be able to install your appliances much more quickly and safely than you would be able to.

Ask a plumbing company in Chandler for advice regarding your plumbing hookups

If you aren’t sure what type of washer and dryer plumbing hookups that your home has, you can always call a plumbing company for advice. They can also give you information on the type of appliances that you should buy for your home to save the most on electricity and gas. If a gas dryer can be safely installed in your home, it may be one option that you have available for energy savings, otherwise you might want to consider an energy efficient washer and dryer if those are more suitable for your home and budget.

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