Commercial drain cleaning can be time consuming, which is why it makes sense to call a Gilbert, AZ commercial plumbing company whenever you have clogged drains. Commercial drains can end up having some nasty clogs that are difficult to remove, and although there are some commercial draining cleaning products and openers that you can try, many of them are unsafe for the environment and potentially dangerous to use. Commercial drains often get clogged with grease, food products, chemicals and other substances that make them difficult to open. Try these few drain cleaning techniques but if they don’t work, don’t hesitate to call a professional company for commercial drain cleaning.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Techniques

Try using a plunger for drain cleaning

It may seem simple, but a plunger can open many types of commercial drains such as sinks, toilets, and floor drains. If you have a slow drain, a plunger can often be more effective as it can free up any debris that have started to accumulate. Once the drain is completely blocked it is less likely that a plunger will work, but it is possible. Try using a plunger as more a preventative drain cleaning technique and you will have better results with it.


Try hot water to open up drains that are starting to slow down

Hot water can open up many types of commercial drains that are starting to slow down. Simply flush the drain with hot water for 4 to 5 minutes or longer, until it starts to drain more quickly. Run the faucet at the highest speed and let the water flow directly into the drain. If necessary, turn up the water heater temporarily to get the water as hot as possible. Hot water can dissolve some grease clogs and break down paper debris, but it is limited in its effectiveness.


Call a professional for drain cleaning

You should avoid using harsh drain cleaning compounds and call a professional in Gilbert, AZ if your do-it-yourself methods don’t work. Drain cleaning can be complicated and in some cases the clog may be so far down the drain that sophisticated tools are your only option. A professional company will be able to handle any drain cleaning problem and get your business’s plumbing system back up and running.