Chances are if you are shopping for a new shower head, you probably are not happy with the current spray pattern or water flow that your current shower head offers. If you are in the market for a new shower head, here are a few things our Gilbert plumber says you should know while you are out looking around.

If you are current shower head seems to be just leaking or trickling water and you are needing more water pressure there are newer shower heads that will give you a bigger spray pattern and a more powerful wash. However, you can not be to greedy with the amount of water pressure that you want, due to the fact that there are federal regulations on the amount of water that a shower head can spray per minute, old shower heads could spray about 5 gallons per minute, but now regulations state that a shower can not spray more than 2 gallons per minute. Although, this may be the case, there is still a difference in performance between the shower heads that are sold. It is also very important to remember that more expensive is not always the best.

When it comes to shopping for shower heads, have an idea of what you are wanting. For example, are you wanting a multiple setting shower head, that offers anywhere up to 12 different settings, which also means not just the spray pattern changes, but the flow of the water and pressure with change depending on the setting that you choose, such as a mist versus a pulsing setting. Are you wanting to save a little money and just purchase a single setting shower head? If that is the case, you will only have one setting and one even water pressure coming from it. However, if money is not an option for you when it comes to choosing a new shower head and comfort is more important to you. Perhaps you will want to think about purchasing a shower tower. This is a multi-head shower, which has a shower head that is fixed and then one that is handheld and then there are small little shower jets that are placed inside your shower. This offers a lot of comfort and gives you more of that spa-like feeling.