Your water heater is a core part of your home’s plumbing system, and you need it to work its best every day. Doing some at home maintenance for your water heater on an annual basis can prolong its life past the 10 year average and make it function better, reducing the chance that you’ll have to call a Gilbert plumber to fix it.

Water Heater DIY

There are a few things you should do every year to maintain your water heater. First, you can extend your water heater’s life right away by keeping its temperature between 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should check at least annually to make sure that it stays within this range. This will prevent your water heater from overheating and needing to be repaired by a Gilbert plumber and will also save you money on your power bill.

You should also test your water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve. This is a small lever that is normally located near the top of the water heater. Check your water heater’s manual or call your local Gilbert plumber for the specific instructions on how to test this. If your water heater fails this test, you might need a replacement water heater to be installed by a Gilbert plumber.

You should do an annual flush of your water heater, or every 6 months if you can spare the time. If you aren’t sure on how to do this, you might ask your local Gilbert plumber, but the steps are fairly simple. Your water heater’s manual will have specific instructions on how to flush your model. If you have a gas water heater you should be sure to turn off the gas, or shut off the power to it if it is electric. Flushing the water heater is normally done by turning off the water to it, and attaching a hose to its drain, and putting the end of a hose into a large bucket, which you or your local Gilbert plumber can do.

There is a lot that you can do at home to maintain your water heater without having to call a Gilbert plumber. Performing annual maintenance will reduce the chance of having to hire a Gilbert plumber to replace your water heater, which can be expensive. You might have to eventually hire a Gilbert plumber to replace your water heater no matter what, but regular maintenance will prolong the life of your current model.