Well, I guess El Nino has arrived…finally. After all of the hype, we were beginning to think that it would be just another winter.

And then came the rain, and more rain, and here we are on day four of actual winter-like weather. It’s amazing! It’s also incredibly beneficial.


When it rains this much, there’s only so much sand bags and sump pumps can do.

And, when it rains for this hard and this long, Phoenix plumbers are kept very, very busy.

While it’s not common, sewage backups can become a problem for Phoenix homeowners. Sewage backups not only cause a great deal of water damage, they can potentially lead to great health concerns as well, for obvious reasons.blog_heavy rain and sewage backups


Phoenix Sewage Backups

Sewage backups can occur due to blockages or tree roots, but this week in Arizona any sewage backups are a direct result of this amazing rainfall we’ve seen. You have probably noticed the overflow of rainwater into our canals and rain ditches, or greenbelts, today.

While those look like great places to enjoy today’s rain, areas that are overflow for rainfall also tend to be overflow for sewage backups. Your best bet is to NOT go swimming in the drainage ditch.


Floor Drains in Phoenix Businesses

While floor drains aren’t often found in Phoenix homes, business, particularly restaurants, with floor drains could potentially see rising waters below their feet today due to our rainfall. If you notice the floor drain not draining, or the water rising, you can plug the floor drain with a rubber or wooden plug as you wait for the commercial plumber to handle the situation.

Please note that plugging the drain will place an enormous amount of pressure on the pipes below.


Toilets, Baths and Shower Drains

If the sewage backup is in the extreme, toilets and shower/bath drains can become affected. These too can be plugged, but with extreme caution.



If you’re faced with sewage backup cleanup, it’s best to call in a professional. Removing the water can be hazardous to your health.


If you are faced with a sewage backup in your home or place of business, your best bet is to call in a Gilbert plumber as soon as humanly possible. With these torrential rains we’ve seen this week, you’ll need a experience plumber there quickly, safely, and experienced enough to tackle the task at hand.

Of course you can call C. Slany Plumbing!