There are dozens of benefits of calling a plumber to install a water softener in your commercial building or your home, as soft water can be much higher in quality than hard tap water. Soft water usually tastes better than tap water in Chandler, AZ, and it is better for your appliances. If you’ve been on the fence about installing a water softener, consider some of the following benefits that might convince you to call a plumber to install one soon.

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Soft water is more efficient with cleaning

Soft water is better for cleaning in your home or business as it takes less soap to lather soft water. Studies have found that it takes up to 75% less soap and cleaning products to clean with soft water compared to hard water. You will save money on soap, and considering how often that you might use soap in your home or business the savings from this can add up very quickly.


Hard water can taste bad

The dissolved minerals and compounds in hard water can significantly affect the taste of water in your home or business. This translate to food and beverages that don’t taste as they should. Many water softeners can have a purification system installed by your plumber that eliminates the compounds and minerals that can affect the taste of your water. The result is that the water in your home or business can significantly improve, and your plumber can make recommendations on the best water softeners that can do this for you.


Soft water is better for your appliances

Hard water can result in sediment buildup in your appliances, and this sediment can lower their lifespan. Your washer, coffee makers, water heater, and other water using appliances can deteriorate quickly as the result of sediment buildup, and your pipes can also become clogged and require you to call a plumber to fix them. Your appliances will last longer when you have a plumber-installed water softener, and you won’t have to worry about mineral deposits building up or having to call a Chandler, AZ plumber to unclog your pipes.