If you get clogged drain in your Gilbert, Arizona home, there are a few at-home remedies you can try before calling C. Slany Plumbing.

These are very simple drain cleaning techniques that do not require plumbing knowledge or handyman skills, and they often work because many clogs are near the drain opening where they can easily be freed.

No matter what, you should avoid using harsh drain cleaning chemicals or acid which can damage your pipes, causes damage to the environment, and can even push the clog further down the drain.


Try baking soda and vinegar for drain cleaning BLOG_clogged drains diy plumbing

The baking soda and vinegar drain cleaning method has worked for many Gilbert, AZ homes and may work for you. For this method, pour a half cup of baking soda down the clogged drain, followed by a half cup of vinegar.

These ingredients do interact with each other, so you should be careful with this drain cleaning method and make sure that your drain cover is loose so that pressure does not build up. After about 4 hours of letting the drain cleaning mixture sit, run hot water and see if the drain can be freed up.


Try boiling water

Be careful with this drain cleaning method, but you can also try boiling water if the baking soda and vinegar drain cleaning method doesn’t work. This method is best used for kitchen sink clogs where grease may be the cause of the drain obstruction, as hot water can work well to free up a grease clog.


Simply heat up a large stock pan with water until it is boiling or at least simmering, and slowly pour it down the drain after removing it from the stove. Be extremely cautious to not pour the water too quickly to splash yourself, and you should not try this drain cleaning method if there is already water pooled up in your sink or tub.


Always check the sink trap

Clearing out the sink trap is one of the easiest drain cleaning methods, but many people overlook it. Always check the sink traps in your Gilbert, AZ home for any obstructions, and you can easily remove them with a plumber’s wrench or plumbing pliers. Place a bucket to catch any water before doing this.

Use a brush to clean the trap out or remove the trap entirely use a brush and water to clean it. If you find that this is the source of your obstruction, try cleaning the sink traps in your Gilbert home as a preventative drain cleaning measure once every few months.

If none of these options work, or you simply don’t have the time to try them, give us a call! Our Gilbert plumbers will take care of that clogged drain and help you keep it from happening again!