In Gilbert, Arizona, conserving water is a way of life. Water conservation and energy conservation is something that we talk quite often about here at C. Slany Plumbing, simply because it’s so important for residents living in the middle of the desert. We need to all do our part to conserve water not only for environmental reasons, but to save on energy and water bills.

The bottom line is conserving water inGilbert, AZ can save you money.

Gilbert Summer Water Saving Tips

Gilbert Water Conservation

There are a few main areas of the home in which you can work to save water. In all reality, it’s all about changing your mindset and remembering that certain lifestyle changes can save water and money.

For obvious plumbing reasons, keep an eye out for leaks, drips, cracks, and the usual plumbing suspects. All of these and so much more can go against all of your water conservation efforts.

In the Bathroom

While we’ve talked a lot about water-saving fixtures in the bathroom, there are some small changes that you can make outside of plumbing fixes to conserve water.

Toilet: Besides installing a water-saving toilet, you can also be mindful of how often you flush and what you flush. Use a waste basket for trash and only flush when absolutely necessary.

Brushing Teeth: I remember seeing commercials when I was a kid reminding us to turn the water off when brushing your teeth. It’s funny that as a Phoenix plumber it’s still something that I have to remind people about. Just like with washing dishes, only have the water on when it’s absolutely necessary.

Shower: Everyone turns the water and on waits for that perfect temperature. Whether it’s winter and you’re waiting for warmer water, or it’s the middle of summer and you want a cold shower (probably unlikely), you might not realize just how many gallons of water you’re actually wasting – just letting it go down the drain with absolutely no purpose.

As a Gilbert plumber, I can’t stress enough how important it is to conserve water, and in those instances when you’re waiting for the shower to reach that perfect temperature, consider placing a bucket beneath the shower to catch that wasted water. It can be used to water flower gardens, wash floors, flush the toilet, even for the dog water bowl.

In The Kitchen

Faucet: You don’t necessarily have to purchase a whole new faucet to conserve water, but you can have aGilbert plumber from C. Slany Plumbing install a faucet regulator so the water will never run at full strength.

Washing Dishes: Just as with brushing your teeth, if you wash or rinse the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, turn the water off in between dishes.

Reuse: There are so many opportunities to conserve water in the kitchen, from boiled water from making eggs or veggies to leftover water in a tea kettle.

When living inGilbert, Arizona, conserving water will not only help out the environment, it can save you hundreds each year on your water bill. If you’re interested in going green, installing water efficient plumbing fixtures, or have questions about water conservation, give the eliteGilbert plumbers at C. Slany Plumbing a call today!