These days homeowners are wanting to latest and the newest technology when it comes to remodeling their homes. On top of that, homeowners are also wanting to save money. If you are deciding on remodeling your homes plumbing there are some new options that can not only give your house that newly upgraded look and fancy technology, but they can also help save you money over a long period of time. These are the most common money-saving upgrades our Gilbert plumber recommends.

1. When it comes to your toilet, some homeowners prefer a toilet that has the most pressure and uses the most water necessary to flush away all the waste. However, if you are wanting to save money, that choice can be a waste. Instead, you will want to get a toilet that is a low-flow toilet. This will actually save you money every time your toilet is used instead of wasting unneeded amounts of water. These toilets are also very stylish when it comes to toilets, allowing you to choose an upgraded look for your bathroom.

2. Another great way to save money and upgrade the plumbing in your home is to change all your faucets to hands-free faucets. These faucets not only give your home an upgraded look, but they will have you money all the time as well. This is because these faucets are motion activated and will only allow so much water to come out at a given time. This will help eliminate any waste of water while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, etc. It is very easy to get distracted and turn away from the faucet and leave it running for a few seconds, which can actually add up to a lot of wasted water and a lot of wasted money. With these motion activated faucets, leaving the faucet running is not an option.

3. Believe it or not there are smart showers. These new sleek shower heads again not only add a stylish and upgraded look to your shower, but they will save you money. These new smart shower heads have the technology to be able to tell you just how much water you are using every time you take a shower. With this information, you are then able to adjust your shower time and water usage in order to conserve water and save money.