This winter, cold temperatures in some regions of Arizona will result in frozen and cracked pipes that a Gilbert plumber will have to repair. During one recent winter in Arizona many people spent a long time without water before a Gilbert plumber could restore their water supply after their pipes froze or burst. Taking steps to winterize your home’s plumbing by yourself or with the help of a Gilbert plumber is recommended to prevent this from happening to you.


The Freeze and Your Pipes

If you live in a region of Arizona that is expected to drop below freezing temperatures in the winter, you should hire a Gilbert plumber to protect your pipes from freezing. In colder regions of Arizona such as Northern Arizona you should also turn your thermostat up a bit higher during the winter, so that the extra heat reaches your garage and basement and keeps your pipes above freezing temperatures.


You can choose to can hire a Gilbert plumber to wrap the water pipes entering your home or do it yourself as it is a relatively simple job. You should wrap any pipes that are sticking out of the ground entering your home to winterize them, and also wrap the vacuum breaker valve. The vacuum breaker valve is located on the piping outside of your home and is a particularly vulnerable spot for freezing damage. A local Gilbert plumber can help you find your vacuum breaker valve on the phone. If you already have insulation on your pipes but it is too thin or torn, you might hire a Gilbert plumber to replace the insulation.


If you leave on a winter trip, you might hire a Gilbert plumber to drain the water out of your home so that your pipes don’t freeze while you are away, or you can also do this yourself. Also, leave your heat on at a low level, about 55 to 60 degrees, while you are outside of your home to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze. If you expect low temperatures during one particular evening, you can also shut off your water supply and drain your home’s water, as long as you have extra water available.


If you aren’t sure whether or not your home’s plumbing needs to be winterized for this upcoming winter, it’s best to call a Gilbert plumber to find out.


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