Solar water heaters represent the latest in water heating technology for Chandler, AZ homes, and they can be easily installed by a plumber if you are interested in them. Solar water heaters use solar power to heat your water, and since up to a third of your home’s power can be used for water heating, it can end up saving you a significant amount of money over time. If you are interested in a solar powered water heater, contact a local plumber for advice or recommendations on this type of water heater. Or ask your plumber about the other types of water heaters that may work more efficiently in your home.


There are two types of solar water heaters

You will find that there are two types of solar powered water heaters that can be installed by your plumber: active and passive. Passive solar water heaters are more affordable and they may last longer since they have fewer working parts, but they are not as fast as active solar water heaters. Active solar water heaters circulate water throughout your home with a pump.


Passive solar water heaters are good in Arizona

One thing to consider is that passive solar water heaters are good in Arizona because the climate is warmer. Passive water heaters work better in this climate, while active solar water heaters are usually a good idea for colder climates. Active water heaters can prevent the water from freezing using a non-freezing heat transfer fluid and they are a better idea for climates with freezing temperatures. Your plumber can give you advice as to which type of water heater would work best, but in most cases your plumber will recommend a passive solar water heater.


Save money on your electricity bill and ask a plumber for advice

You will very likely save money on your electricity bill once you’ve hired a plumber to install a solar water heater. Also, solar water heaters can be used in conjunction with your standard water heater to make it more efficient. There are several possibilities, but be sure to contact a local plumber for advice on what will work best for your home before you make a final decision.