In Arizona, whether you live in Gilbert, Phoenix, or anywhere in between, water efficiency is just a way of life. We strive (or we should be striving) to conserve water at every avenue possible, from watering the lawns to brushing our teeth, washing the dishes and taking showers. Even flushing the toilet needs to be a water-conscious act. And, in conserving water in Arizona we also can simultaneously conserve energy and thus bring both our energy bills and our water bills down and keep them down, especially during a very hot Phoenix summer.


According to the U.S. EPA, if all U.S. households installed water-efficient fixtures and appliances, the country would save more than 3 trillion gallons of water and more than $18 billion dollars per year.


Conserving water also conserves energy, because energy is used to treat, deliver, and heat water. If one out of every 100 American homes were retrofitted with water-efficient fixtures, that would save about 100 million kWh of electricity per year—avoiding 80,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions: equivalent to removing nearly 15,000 automobiles from the road for one year. For additional information on the benefits of saving water, see this EPA webpage.


Let the Phoenix plumbing professionals at C. Slany Plumbing walk you through some of the more water efficient and energy efficient items that you should consider installing in your home:



1. Green Shower Heads: While showing is probably one of the most important steps taken every morning by Phoenix residents, it’s also one of the more water inefficient steps. Showering accounted for nearly 20% of residential indoor water use, which could add up to 40 gallons of water per day.


Common showerheads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute, while green, water-saving showerheads use no more than 2 gallons of water per minute. In fact, if you were to switch to a water-saving showerhead you could save not only on your water bill, but on your energy bill as well. As a Phoenix plumber who’s switched many home showers over to more efficient products, I’ve seen clients save as much as $100 a year in energy costs just by switching to a green showerhead.


2. Green Sink Faucets: From the time we were little kids attending Phoenix elementary, it has been engrained in us to turn the water off when brushing our teeth. I remember the commercials where the kids and parents are brushing their teeth, and the child turns the faucet water off for the parent as they brush. We’ve all got it, and we all do it, but here in Phoenix, Arizona where water is scarce, that simply isn’t enough. Consider installing a water-efficient faucet with efficient faucet accessories.


Allow our Phoenix plumbers, experienced in green plumbing, to replace those old faucets and aerators with highly efficient, water-saving models that can literally save your family 700 gallons of water per year and another $100 in energy costs over that year.


3.  Green Toilets: Everyone knows that toilets waste a lot of water every single Phoenix day. According to the EPA, toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30% of an average home’s indoor water consumption. In fact, many older homes with original toilets are using as much as 6 gallons of water per flush! As a Phoenix plumber with eyes on green products, it’s a painful fact.


But, you can swap out those old toilets with more water-efficient, green toilets and literally save nearly 15,000 gallons of water each year, which can account for energy bill savings of over $120 per year!


Let’s put that into perspective:


Nationally, if all old, inefficient toilets in the United States were replaced with WaterSense labeled models, we could save 520 billion gallons of water per year, or the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in about 12 days.


4. Green Washing Machines: According to EnergyStar.gov, the average American family, including Phoenix, AZ families, washes about 300 loads of laundry each year, which amounts to thousands of gallons of water and an enormous amount of energy. High efficiency, water-saving washing machines use 20% less energy and 35% less water then regular washers. Bring down your energy and water bill by installing high efficiency, water-saving washing machines.


5. Green Water Softeners: We don’t often think about our water softeners simply because we don’t see them in our everyday water usage, but these systems use an enormous amount of energy and water. Water softeners can use 25 gallons of water each and every Phoenix day!


High performance, energy and water-efficient water softeners are starting to make an impression on the market, and are becoming more available to Phoenix homeowners. While there is still a lot to be done in the production of water softeners to make them more water and energy-efficient, it’s an important subject to bring up with your C. Slany Plumber.


Your Turn To Install Green Products

Right now, when Phoenix, Arizona summer temperatures rise to above 110 degrees, is the perfect time to talk to one of our Phoenix plumbers about green, energy and water-efficient plumbing products like toilets, faucets, clothes washers and soft water systems. As our Arizona drought continues and the state determines whether to get serious about water conservation, it’s your turn to do your part and install green plumbing products. Give C. Slany Plumbing a call today to set up an appointment and Go Green!