September 22nd was the official start of Fall. Here in Arizona, Fall means venturing back outdoors, enjoying coffee in the basking of the sunrise, and fire pits in the evenings.

Fall also means it’s time to take a look at your Gilbert plumbing system before winter rolls in.

Check & Clean Your Water Heater

Keeping your water warm during the cooler months means that your heater will be stressed a bit more than during the spring and summer. That’s why you check it to be sure it’s clean, clear and ready to run before it gets colder. This includes a flush/rinse to remove any accumulated sediment that may be at the bottom of the heater.

Ensure Your Sump Pump is Clean & Functional

Similar to your heater, the sump pump should also be checked and cleaned to make sure it’s at 100% functionality. Make sure it’s at full functionality and the discharge line is fully clear. That way, you’ll avoid flooding that could cost you a lot of cash in repair costs.

Remove, Drain and Store Garden Hoses

We want your garden hose to last another year, so it’s important that you properly stow it away. When the hose has been disconnected, drain the water and place it in an area of your home that will not reach freezing temperatures.  Water that’s left over inside the hose can freeze and expand causing the hose to break!

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