Every time you have a plumbing issue in your Chandler, AZ home, you know who to call. However, inviting a plumber in to fix the problem can be a little awkward. Plumbers generally have a fairly unpleasant job to do. They have to get up close and personal to the parts of the home where hygiene is practice and waste is disposed.


You can make your plumber happier and more comfortable by:


Cleaning Up The Bathroom

Imagine how awkward it would be to walk into a stranger’s bathroom that smells, is moldy, or has personal products lying around in the open. Spare your plumber the sight- and scents. Before he or she arrives, tidy up. Clean up as if a guest is coming over because technically, the plumber is a guest.


Clearing Out Around the Pipes

One of the main things the plumber will probably have to do is access your pipes and fixtures. Move items out of the way to make it easier for him or her. For example, remove the wastebasket kept next to the toilet or clear off the cabinet shelf surrounding the sink pipes. This will save the plumber time and you some mess and discomfort.


Laying down a Carpet or Towel Near the Problem Site

Most bathroom, kitchen, and laundry facility floors are hard. They are covered in tile, linoleum, wood, or another hard material. It is likely that to fix the problem, the plumber will have to spend some time on those floors. Clean the floor first to be considerate, and then offer an old rug and towel to provide a little cushioning. It’s also helpful to have towels on hand in case the plumber needs to soak up some water.


Preventing Plumbing Problems in the First Place

Although they appreciate the work involved in plumbing, plumbers also like when they don’t have to perform unnecessary tasks. Spare them (and yourself from paying extra) by preventing some basic plumbing issues. Clean hair out of the drains regularly, for instance, so that your Chandler, AZ piping isn’t backed up with disgusting, wet hair for no good reason.