Maintaining the plumbing fixtures in your Gilbert, AZ home or business can help reduce wear and tear on them over time, and also reduce the need to replace them sooner than you would like to.

Maintaining them doesn’t take much extra effort, and your fixtures will look great and work as they should with just a few maintenance steps.

If you have had problems with your fixtures breaking down, try these maintenance steps and see if they make a difference.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Plumbing Fixtures

Check for problems regularly

One of the most important things to do to maintain your plumbing fixtures is to check for problems regularly. If you catch problems early on, they are much less likely to progress to a bigger issue that can require a more expensive repair.

Check your plumbing fixtures for leaks, damp sink cabinets, or loose joints. As soon as you notice a problem, call a plumbing company for repairs or handle the repairs yourself. Just be sure to take care of them in a prompt manner and always be on the lookout for new problems.

Caulk your fixtures and maintain the caulk you already have

Caulking your fixtures prevents water damage around them, and maintaining your caulk is important. There are small gaps between your fixtures and other surfaces, and water can easily accumulate in these small gaps, especially in commercial buildings.

The water can leak and cause damage to your fixtures or to your building materials. Always check to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen fixtures are properly caulked, and if the caulk starts to wear down be sure to replace it as quickly as possible.

Learn basic plumbing fixture maintenance

You can handle many of the steps required to maintain your plumbing fixtures with a few tools. All you need is a pipe wrench, a sewer snake and a plunger and you can handle problems like clogged sink drains and toilets, stuck valves and dripping faucets. These minor plumbing repairs don’t require much experience to take care of, and there are hundreds of do-it-yourself books available on basic fixture maintenance.

Although the more complicated problems will require the assistance of a Gilbert, AZ plumbing company, there’s no reason why you can’t take care of minor plumbing problems on your own.


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