We’ve published quite a few DIY plumbing articles here on the C. Slany Plumbing website.

In fact, we’ve done so many that we thought it was time to go back and rehash some extremely pertinent information…

…information that every homeowner and DIY plumber from Gilbert to Chandler, Phoenix to Queen Creek, should know.

#1 -How To Replace a Seal on a Faucet, Toilet, and More

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When it comes to home plumbing you do not have to know everything there is to know about plumbing, just the basics. With just the basic knowledge of plumbing and knowing how to use some tools around the house you can easily replace aplumbing seal on your faucet, toilet, and much more.



#2 – Three of the Most Common Plumbing Problems

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Your Gilbert, AZ home or business can encounter several plumbing problems over time, and some of them are more common than others. Plumbing systems can break down due to wear and tear, and fixtures become outdated and start to perfect less efficiently. Leaks can spring up and other issues can arise, and some of them can be fixed on your own, but others will require a plumber to repair.



#3 – Five Steps to Replacing Your Kitchen Faucet

If you are ever in the circumstance where you need to replace your kitchen faucet, you can always call a local plumber in Gilbert, AZ to get the job done quickly, or you can do it on your own. If you decide to forgo calling your plumber and handle the task by yourself, the five basic steps for replacing your faucet are below:



There you have it!

A collection of our most popular, and most helpful, DIY plumbing blogs!

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